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CSA Adventures: Wash Last Season Veggies Immediately

Posted by on Oct 8, 2014 in Lifestyle | 0 comments

CSA Adventures: Wash Last Season Veggies Immediately

The cool crisp weather is a welcome sign of fall, but it also encourages the growth of bacteria and mold in the fields. At this time of year your farmers are probably starting to loose some of their crops to disease and blight, while the fruit and veggies being picked are more likely to have bacteria an mold spores on them.

Earlier this year my farmers warned their CSA members that the produce would be minimally cleaned because the time needed to throughly clean all the veggies directly affected their bottom line. As a small farm with just a few employees, they needed  as much time in the fields as they could have to grow and pick the produce and tend the chickens.

To ensure your farm fresh produce doesn’t rot prematurely wash and dry it as soon you bring it home from the farmer’s market. A spray of vegetable wash, vinegar or lemon juice will help cleanse the produce more thoroughly. If you are looking for specific tips check out our recent articles on washing your leafy greens and cleaning your squash for storage.

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