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Product of the Month: Reusable Bags For Produce And Bulk Items

Posted by on Apr 1, 2013 in Food & Recipes, Lifestyle | 0 comments

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We expect that most of our readers are shopping with reusable bags on a regular basis and we would like to encourage you to take your commitment to the environment one step further with reusable produce and bulk item bags.

I was inspired to pick our favorite reusable bags for produce and bulk items as the featured product for April to support the Bulk Is Green Council’s Love Bulk Foods Pledge. The Love Bulk Foods Pledge asks you to commit to buying in bulk once a week during the month of April.

Click the infographic on the left to see just how much packaging you can save by buying a few common items in bulk. And remember, you don’t just save that packaging from the landfill, you are saving all the materials and energy that goes into creating that packaging.

Of course, you can’t just buy in bulk and throw your items in plastic, one-time use containers or bags. Whether your going to the local farmers market or shopping at the grocery store it’s best to go equipped with your own reusable produce and bulk item bags.

Both Kim and I own flip and tumble reusable produce bags and we can’t even begin to tell you how many people complement us on them and ask us about them. These bags are perfect for all of your fruits, vegetables and many bulk items. The mesh is very small so you can carry bulk items as small as quinoa grains in them.

The other set of bags I have are organic cotton muslin. These bags will hold flour and or other extremely fine bulk items and they are perfect for keeping your greens fresh and crisp in the refrigerator.

Both sets of bags are strong but light so they can hold several pounds of food without adding extra weight to your purchase. The cotton muslin bags even have their weight sewn into them so you can be credited for it, if that’s an option where you shop.











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