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Orange Creamsicle Shampoo

Posted by on Jul 12, 2012 in Skin & Hair Care | 2 comments

This simple shampoo will leave your hair healthy and shiny. If you have dry hair, add 1/4 teaspoon of sweet almond oil.

Some sources list sweet orange essential oil as phototoxic while others say that it is not phototoxic. I have been using this essential oil for several months it has not lightened my hair, however, you should proceed cautiously if this is a concern for you.

If you haven’t already switched to a natural shampoo but are considering it, read our guide to help you make a smooth transition.

Orange Creamsicle Shampoo
This sweet smelling shampoo is perfect for summer and will leave your hair healthy and shiny.
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  1. 3 ounces liquid castile soap
  2. 3 drops sweet orange essential oil
  3. 2 drops vanilla fragrance oil
  4. 1/4 teaspoon sweet almond oil (optional)
  1. Put all ingredients in a small shampoo bottle and shake to mix.
  1. Yield 3 ounces.
A Green Routine

Kim’s 2ยข

I’ve always used equal parts castile soap and distilled water to make shampoo. You may like to try the shampoo with just castile soap and a mix of soap and water to see what you prefer. I’ve also used sweet orange oil in shampoo and lotion and do not believe it is phototoxic. 

Nicole knows making small changes for the greener add up over time and hopes you’re inspired to make some changes of your own after reading her articles. She focuses on easy, green, homemade personal products and green living tips for city dwellers. Nicole lives in Pittsburgh, PA and you can find her on twitter at @_nlg_.

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  1. Helene Colaizzi

    Love the blog! My son has a severe tree nut allergy. Could I substitute Vitamin E oil for the sweet almond oil? or is there a better choice? I realize it is optional but want to follow the recipe. Thanks!

    • Nicole

      Thanks! Adding sweet almond oil is only necessary if your scalp or hair needs extra moisture to stay healthy.

      Vitamin E is a good option to repair the scalp or hair, but if a dry scalp or brittle hair is the issue you should try argan oil. If you are looking for something that is family friendly, try jojoba oil. It is most like the natural oil on our skin and generally a good additive for anyone (so you don’t have to make a special bottle for each person in the family).

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