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Insulate Your Outlets And Switches For The Winter

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Insulate Your Outlets And Switches For The Winter

Two years ago I was in my kitchen and felt a draft coming from the light switch. When I searched the Internet to figure out how to insulate outlets and switches I found a number of dangerous recommendations.

In the end I discovered an incredibly easy and inexpensive way to complete the task. Several companies, including Duck and Frost King, make pre-cut foam insulators for outlets. Since it’s only necessary to insulate outlets and switches on outside walls, save yourself some time on this project by keeping it small.

In addition to insulators, all you need is a screwdriver.

To keep yourself safe, always shut off the power to the sockets you are insulating first. Then, unscrew and remove the faceplate and place the appropriate insulator in the socket. Finish by screwing the faceplate back into place and turning the power on.

Could making your house a little more energy efficient and comfortable be any easier?

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