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How to Make A Double Boiler

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How to Make A Double Boiler

A double boiler is recommended for heating oils, waxes and butters that need to be melted but not boiled. We use them often when making body butters, lotions, lip balms and other products. They are also used by bakers and chefs when melting chocolate or making sauces.

You can buy a double boiler, but it’s simple to make one and you likely already have the essential parts. So save your money and the space in your¬†cupboard and make your own.

To make a double boiler, place a bowl on top of a pot that has some water in it but not so much that it touches the bottom of the bowl. The bowl should fit securely on top of the pot to form a seal. The double boiler works by heating the water which in turn heats the bowl above it.

When melting your ingredients in the bowl, you may find it helpful to hold the bowl to stabilize it. This is when an Ove Glove (or pot holder) comes in handy. Hold the bowl still with one hand and stir with the other.

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