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Honey Spiced Peaches & How To Use The Leftovers

Posted by on Aug 12, 2012 in Food & Recipes | 2 comments

Honey Spiced Peaches & How To Use The Leftovers

As soon as I saw Ball’s Honey Spiced Peaches recipe for canning peaches knew I wanted to try it.

These peaches are perfect for baking pies and muffins or topping breakfast oatmeal or quinoa. Choose the jar sizes that are best for your intended use. Quart jars are the right size for pie filling, but smaller jars would be more appropriate for most other uses.

Canning - Honey Spiced Peaches RecipeFor this recipe I did not have whole allspice so I used ground allspice. The flavor was fine but the ground spice was absorbed by the peaches at the top of the jar and that turned them a little brown. If looks matter, be sure to use whole spices, if not use whatever you have on hand.

You may can these peaches (follow these step-by-step canning instructions) or refrigerate immediately. If you’re canning it, the jars should be processed in a hot water bath for 25 minutes.

What To Do With Peach Peels & Pits

If you’re like me you hate to waste food, and even though I compost I decided to look for another way to use peach peel and pits. Fruit peels tend to have a lot of pectin so making jelly is the obvious choice. Here’s a simple recipe for peach jelly.

What To Do With Leftover Syrup

After you are done canning the peaches you may have leftover syrup, which you can boil down until it’s a good consistency for topping scones or ice cream. Or, if your tired of slaving over a hot stove, pour it into unsweetened iced tea and stir until combined. A simple green or white tea will show off the peach flavor best. I enjoyed my syrup in a blueberry green tea this year.

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