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Cleansing And Calming Homemade Shampoo

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Cleansing And Calming Homemade Shampoo

This homemade shampoo is perfect if you are switching to an all natural shampoo because switching shampoos stresses the pores on your scalp and stressed pores produce more sebum which will make your hair oily. The tea tree essential oil calms the pores to keep the sebum production to a minimum, while the lemon essential oil acts as a detoxifier and an astringent.

This is also a great winter shampoo because tree essential oil is antibacterial, so it kills the fungus that causes dandruff. The lemon essential oil will give your hair a nice shine too.

It is important to note that lemon essential oil is photo-toxic, so it should not be used on dyed hair and it will lighten hair if you don’t rinse well. If this concerns you, an acceptable substitute is petitgrain essential oil.

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Cleansing and Calming Shampoo
The perfect shampoo for people switching to an all-natural shampoo or people who suffer from dandruff.
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Prep Time
2 min
Prep Time
2 min
  1. 3 ounces liquid castile soap
  2. 6 drops tea tree essential oil
  3. 6 drops lemon essential oil
  1. Put all ingredients in a small shampoo bottle and shake to mix.
  1. Yields 3 ounces.
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Kim’s 2ยข

The consistency of this shampoo this very thin so I recommend putting it in a spray bottle rather than trying to pour it into your hands.

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