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Buy This Not That: Ecos vs Wisk Laundry Detergent

Posted by on Jan 30, 2013 in Green Clean | 0 comments

Ecos vs Wisk laundry detergentA few years ago I discovered Ecos laundry detergent and it quickly became my favorite brand because it works really well and all the scents I’ve tried have been very pleasant, though magnolia lily is definitely my favorite. If you don’t enjoy scented laundry detergent there is a fragrance free option as well.

Additionally, Ecos laundry detergent is 100% plant-based, made in New Jersey, not tested on animals and it’s less expensive than many leading brands that aren’t eco-friendly.

GoodGuide gives Ecos a 10 (out of 10) rating for health because the detergent does not contain any ingredients that raise a health concern. The parent company, Earth Friendly Products, gets a 8.5 rating for their environmental policies and practices and a 6.2 for their social policies, practices and performance. This places them in the top 5% of companies rated by  GoodGuide.

Many other laundry detergents also have a 10 rating for health but their parent companies don’t rate well for their environmental or social policies and practices. For example, the company that makes Wisk laundry detergent, The Sun Productions Corporation, has a dismal 3.2 environmental rating and 3.8 society rating.

Choosing Ecos laundry detergent is an easy way to support a company that’s trying to do the right thing for the environment. If you’re interested in making the switch you can check out a list of stores that sell Ecos here. Walmart is not on the list, but you can usually find it there, or if you prefer to shop online check out


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