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Buy This Not That: Cloth Napkins vs Paper Napkins

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Buy This Not That: Cloth Napkins vs Paper Napkins

Switching from paper to cloth napkins is one of those quick and simple changes you can make to immediately start saving trees and decreasing waste. As an added bonus, switching makes every meal a little fancier whether it’s a delicious homemade favorite or takeout.

Cloth napkins can be used more than once before needing to be washed, so you don’t need one per person for each meal like you do with paper napkins. The number of cloth napkins you need depends on the size of your family, how often you eat at home and how often you do laundry. I usually use a napkin for three meals before putting it in the laundry. Also remember, if the napkin is wet (perhaps you used it to mop up a spilled drink) let it dry before throwing it in the laundry basket.

If everyone in your family usually sits in the same seat for meals you may be able to leave the napkins on the table between meals, just fold napkin with a clean side is up. If you need to clear the table between meals, or your family members switch seats, consider using napkin rings to identify the napkins or buy a set with several different colored napkins so each person can use their favorite color.

Feel like getting crafty? Make you own napkins out of beads, fabric flowers or ribbons or embroider, cross stitch or screen print designs or initials on your napkins.

When you are shopping for napkins I recommend checking the labels to ensure you buy cotton napkins. Cotton is more absorbent than a poly blend so it will leave you feeling cleaner and since, napkins get washed frequently, buying natural fiber napkins will help you decrease microplastic pollution. Of course, it’s a bonus if you can find some organic cotton napkins you like and pick up a few extras to green your work routine!

Nicole knows making small changes for the greener add up over time and hopes you’re inspired to make some changes of your own after reading her articles. She focuses on easy, green, homemade personal products and green living tips for city dwellers. Nicole lives in Pittsburgh, PA and you can find her on twitter at @_nlg_.

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