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About Us

Welcome to A Green Routine! This blog chronicles the journey of two sisters toward a greener lifestyle.

When we started making our own personal products and cleaning solutions and looking for information on how to make more environmentally friendly and sustainable choices, we found a lot of impractical advice. Making your own conditioner is awesome, but using perishable ingredients so you have to make it everyday is not. Seriously, who has the time?

As we waded through various blogs and books in search of more practical advice, we were sharing information with each other. Then our friends and family started asking us questions. That’s when this blog was born.

Through this blog, we share our knowledge and experiences in hopes of inspiring others to make changes to green their daily routines. We focus on changes people can work into their busy schedules and that will reward them with a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.

This project has been incredibly rewarding so far and we’re thrilled that you’ve decided to join us!



Based in Nashua, NH, I enjoy running, cooking meals with my meat and veggie CSA products, and reading, among other things. My green journey began a few years ago when I got into canning, which turned out be a lot easier that I expected and so rewarding. Since then, I’ve learned to make my own cleaning and personal products and discovered new ways to reduce my impact on the environment. I look forward to sharing my experiences with you through this blog. Follow me on Twitter at @kim_ann or email me at

Nicole Gagliardi


Based in Pittsburgh, PA, I’m a Senior Multimedia Developer, homeowner, gardener, cook and bunny owner. In my effort to put less chemicals down the drain I started to make some products and do research to find the most eco-friendly commercial products available. I take a systematic approach to greening my routine because I know the changes won’t last if I get overwhelmed. I am thrilled to welcome you here and have you join us as we grow into more eco-friendly lifestyles, and I hope you find new ways to challenge yourself on your own green journey. Follow me on Twitter at @_nlg_ or email her at

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